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What goes on inside black holes? How does this phenomenon cause the accelerate expansion of the universe known as Dark Energy? To better understand the accelerating universe see as diagram below from

These are the questions answered in 30th Century: Escape, which is book 1 in the trilogy titled 30th Century. The trilogy will show how the new theory explains Trans-Time One the first Time Travel machine. The black holes are forming now at the rate of about one every two seconds, much faster than 7 billion years ago. 13.8 billion years ago there was not yet a black hole.  So, the rate of formation has increased over time as some of the larger stars with over 3 times the mass of our sun explodes into supernovas.  The lager the star the faster this process occurs.

Black holes form when large stars burn out causing supernovas if the stars are a little smaller than 3-8 times the sun then neutron stars are formed from the explosion. If the stars are the size of our sun a white dwarf is created. Dense neutron and other massive stars can also form black holes by colliding with each other.

In the early universe, slowly the number of stars increased but small black hole could have been manufactured by the big band. Steller-mass black holes are formed by supernovas in hundreds of millions for each galaxy on the average.  Under the Levin theory of the Universe, black holes create space or space-time as Einstein called it. There are an estimated 100 billion stars per galaxy in each of the 100 billion galaxies.

Space time quantum foam like entities gradually build up and escape from black holes as in this form the quantum foam possesses no mass.  In this theory, energy and/or mass can be transformed into space and vise verse. This may explain why we find virtual particles created from nothing, which is really space-time as it can be converted to mass and or energy according to Levin’s theory the number of black hole formation is accelerating.  Thus, the space-time formed by the back holes explains the Dark Energy problem.  Stay tuned more to come in Blog three.

Dr. Levin

Dr. Levin was born and grew up in Vermont with many winters spent in Florida as a child. As a teenager he wrote poetry, served as a lifeguard and played football. He currently enjoys sailing, exploring underwater caves, snorkeling, writing science fiction and other pursuits. After working on the Apollo and Mars projects, he returned to school to study under Nobel Laureate Paul Dirac, obtaining his PhD in 2.5 years. Dr. Levin founded two companies and served the science policy apparatus in President Ford’s administration. He has been published over 44 times in scientific literature and was awarded over 32 US patents. The science fiction writer is now emerging with his first work, a trilogy entitled 30th Century. The first award-winning book, 30th Century: Escape, is currently available on Amazon. Book two in the series, 30th Century: Revived, should be released before the end of April 2018.

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