30th Century: Revived, Book 2 in the 30th Century Trilogy

“A day that will live in infamy.”

Many lives were lost unnecessarily in 1941, today we are friends with the Japanese. Can we learn from the past that war is not the only way to settle conflicts? Too many children were deprived of their fathers and mothers. One is too many. In the 30th century there is a secret society that purses non-violence to resolve difference even when the adversary is trying to exterminate your entire species.

Book two in the 30th Century trilogy is set to be released in February. The first five days the book will be free, followed by an increase to $1.99 after 5 days. April 1 the price will rise to $2.99. This is your opportunity to get a gift from Mark Kingston Levin, PhD. Book 1 of the trilogy won the IRWIN Award for its category, The Best Science Fiction Book of 2017. This award is issued by Book Publicists of Southern California. Don’t miss the award-winning author’s amazing science fiction trilogy.

30th Century: Revived explores Jennifer’s early life as a clandestine operative for the Secret Society of scientists and details her love affair with the inventor of time travel. After she and her twin rescue their stranded operatives from the twenty-seventh century mission to save humanity, Jennifer returns to the twenty-first century for a normal quiet life. She soon discovers motherhood means compromising her dreams. Desperate to revive the daring hero she used to be, Jennifer gets involved when her Japanese friend is kidnapped by terrorists. Using a small sample of thirtieth-century technology gives her an advantage but no training she has had prepares her for the intimate, personal trauma the terrorists leave in their wake. It is time for Jennifer to muster all her strength of will to face truths deep within her psyche about love for man, woman, and self.

Dr. Levin

Dr. Levin was born and grew up in Vermont with many winters spent in Florida as a child. As a teenager he wrote poetry, served as a lifeguard and played football. He currently enjoys sailing, exploring underwater caves, snorkeling, writing science fiction and other pursuits. After working on the Apollo and Mars projects, he returned to school to study under Nobel Laureate Paul Dirac, obtaining his PhD in 2.5 years. Dr. Levin founded two companies and served the science policy apparatus in President Ford’s administration. He has been published over 44 times in scientific literature and was awarded over 32 US patents. The science fiction writer is now emerging with his first work, a trilogy entitled 30th Century. The first award-winning book, 30th Century: Escape, is currently available on Amazon. Book two in the series, 30th Century: Revived, should be released before the end of April 2018.

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