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30th Century: Revived , Sci-Fi Novel 2nd in Series

By Mark Kingston Levin, PhD


         The book follows Jennifer Hero Zitonick, once a clandestine operative of a Secret Society in the 30th Century, as she struggles in the 21st century with the restrictions of motherhood, volunteers and defeats terrorists using advanced non-violent technology, and grabbles with recovering from a personal trauma from the confrontation. The series throughout has a backdrop of advanced physics, time travel, and modern relationships.

Award-winning author Dr. Mark Kingston Levin is available to media to explore the series’ scientific mysteries, nonviolence as solution, and more.


SAN DIEGO, California ? Noted scientist-author, Mark Kingston Levin, PhD ? winner of the prestigious IRWIN Literary Award for his novel 30th Century: Escape presented by Book Publicists of Southern California for Best Science Fiction Book of 2017 ? is excited to announce the release of Book 2 in his trilogy: 30th Century: Revived. The release date is Feb. 25 on Amazon. Book 3 is being prepared for release later in 2018.

“The new book explores our potential to change the future and the past by traveling through time,” commented Dr. Levin, a lifelong scientist and student of quantum theory. “It also looks at the potential of defeating violence with non-violent means, for the betterment of the whole galaxy and beyond.”

Book 2 finds 30th Century hero Jennifer explaining her true origins to her 21st century husband Marty, giving him her novel ? thinly veiled coverage of her life as an operative of a non-violent Secret Society and her relationship with the inventor of time travel. After rescuing stranded SS colleagues from the 27th century, Jennifer finds the motherhood she sought stifling. She gets a chance to revive her daring hero-self when a friend is kidnapped. But after defeating the terrorists and returning Kyoko to safety without violence, Jennifer must muster all her strength to overcome the personal trauma the terrorists leave in their wake.

After working on the Apollo and Mars projects, Dr. Levin returned to study quantum mechanics under Nobel Laureate Paul Dirac, obtaining his PhD in 2.5 years. He subsequently founded two companies and served in President Ford’s science advisory apparatus. He has published over 40 scientific papers and was awarded over 30 US Patents. He retired in 2014 to write science fiction, his true calling, publishing Book 1 in the 30th Century series in 2017.

A major promotional campaign for Book 2 is being planned by veteran public relations executive Irwin Zucker of Beverly Hills, California. He can be reached at 323-461-3921. Dr. Levin is available to the media at his headquarters in San Diego, 858-531-4852.


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Publisher Quantum Group Investments LLC announces the release of 30th Century: Revived, the second book in the intriguing 30th Century sci-fi trilogy. Release date: Feb. 25, 2018 and will be available on Amazon.




Dr. Levin

Dr. Levin was born and grew up in Vermont with many winters spent in Florida as a child. As a teenager he wrote poetry, served as a lifeguard and played football. He currently enjoys sailing, exploring underwater caves, snorkeling, writing science fiction and other pursuits. After working on the Apollo and Mars projects, he returned to school to study under Nobel Laureate Paul Dirac, obtaining his PhD in 2.5 years. Dr. Levin founded two companies and served the science policy apparatus in President Ford’s administration. He has been published over 44 times in scientific literature and was awarded over 32 US patents. The science fiction writer is now emerging with his first work, a trilogy entitled 30th Century. The first award-winning book, 30th Century: Escape, is currently available on Amazon. Book two in the series, 30th Century: Revived, should be released before the end of April 2018.

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