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How do gamma ray bursts, created by merging neutron stars, drive the plot of the award-winning trilogy 30th Century?

Gamma Ray Bursts (GRB) can wipe out plants in their path even from 1000 light years away.

Gamma Ray Bursts (GRB) can wipe out plants in their path even from 1000 light years away. That means if GRBs pass through the Milky Way Galaxy, they present a clear and deadly potential for life extinction. These weapons of nature are bigger and more intense than any fictional weapons Star Wars has to offer. This is the ultimate in plant and solar system killers. In the third novel of my trilogy, Jenny (Jennifer’s twin) travels to the future to see what it will be like. She finds Earth devoid of surface life and cities. Book 3 shows how the citizens of Earth cope with this dilemma, how artificial intelligence (AI) can move beyond humans and save them. In my book, the AI systems are good guys.

The 30th Century trilogy predicted key events in our universe. Laser Interferometers in Hanford, WA and Livingston, LA as well as another in Italy (LIGO in the USA and Virgo in Europe), made the first detection of gravitational waves produced by colliding neutron stars. The most exciting thing about this event is that 70 earth-based and space-based observatories focused on the sky simultaneously. This discovery was announced Oct. 17, 2017, but the data readings were recorded August 17, 2017, just before my birthday. An artist’s view of the energy jets and gravity waves sent out by the merger can be seen below.

Gamma Ray Bursts wipe plants 1000 light years away

Neutron stars are the densest stars known to exist;

We do not count black holes as stars because they do not shine any visible light. In the days and weeks following the smashup, other forms of electromagnetic radiation, such as gamma-ray, x-ray, ultraviolet, optical, infrared, microwaves, and radio waves, were detected.

Scientist predicted that when neutron stars collide, they should give off both gravity waves and gamma rays, along with powerful radiation beams that emit radiation across the electromagnetic spectrum. The gamma-ray burst detected by NASA’s Fermi Gamma Ray Telescope only 22 seconds after the gravity waves were seen lends credence to the neutron star theory.

One hundred thirty million years ago, the two neutron stars collided, forming gravity waves with an equivalent mass of five Jupiter-size planets. Remembering that e=mc2, that is one massive amount of energy!

The energy of the collision produced GRBs 180 degrees apart that are narrow but can perpetrate annihilation of a whole solar system, as happens in the trilogy in the future beyond the 30th century. Jennifer seeks assistance from people living in the 56th century and together they figure out a way to combat this phenomenon beyond the imagination of many.

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Dr. Levin was born and grew up in Vermont with many winters spent in Florida as a child. As a teenager he wrote poetry, served as a lifeguard and played football. He currently enjoys sailing, exploring underwater caves, snorkeling, writing science fiction and other pursuits. After working on the Apollo and Mars projects, he returned to school to study under Nobel Laureate Paul Dirac, obtaining his PhD in 2.5 years. Dr. Levin founded two companies and served the science policy apparatus in President Ford’s administration. He has been published over 44 times in scientific literature and was awarded over 32 US patents. The science fiction writer is now emerging with his first work, a trilogy entitled 30th Century. The first award-winning book, 30th Century: Escape, is currently available on Amazon. Book two in the series, 30th Century: Revived, should be released before the end of April 2018.

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