Newsletter 2: 30th Century Series by Mark Kingston Levin PhD

November 2, 2018

30th Century trilogy is my contribution to change our culture from enjoying violence like Marvel superheroes and Star Wars to idolizing nonviolent heroes such as Isaac Asimov’s character Salvor Hardin in the Foundation Series. Newsletter by award-winning author, adventurer and scientist Mark Kingston Levin PhD.

Figure 1. and 2. Get kids of all ages interested in new ideas in both art and engineering. The left image is the January 2006 launch of the Atlas V with the New Horizon spacecraft to Pluto. It was the fastest spacecraft ever launched to that date. Credits Wikipedia NASA. Paul Gauguin’s famous “When will you Marry” is the most expensive painting in the world today, October 2018. Qatar is building a national identity by establishing a rich and varied collection. This painting is now owned by Sheikha Mayassa Al-Thani of Qatar. She is a great collector with $1 billion to spend annually

Figure 3. Hansel and Gretel are meeting the Cannibal Witch Credit Arthur Rackham, 1909.

I have completed the trilogy I began in 2015, except for the cover and two illustrations in the third book that have been commissioned to Sofia Chekhnita of the Ukraine.
The theme of my writing is that nonviolence is important to the future of humanity, because I want to make more entertainment in the sci-fi genre nonviolent so it will rub off on American culture. I want to start a movement of email and letters to Amazon to set up a new category in genres. First, we can start a genre Science Fiction/ Nonviolent Protagonists. Nonviolence can be a shorter name for the sub-genre and the same for detectives and others. I have some erotica in the trilogy first edition; however, the second edition of each, labeled “General Audience,” will have the graphic nature of the sex toned down to make the rest of the story accessible to young adults and teens.

I am writing about a heroine who espouses nonviolence because there is too much violence in entertainment. Hansel and Gretel leads to a culture of more violence, in my humble opinion. School violence is not something that newly began in the past two decades — violent killings in schools in the United States have been documented since the early 1800s.

Figure 4. Eric Harris (left) and Dylan Klebold (right) caught on the high school’s security cameras in the cafeteria, 11 minutes before their suicides

We do have the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov with Salvor Hardin as the nonviolent protagonist. In Star Trek, nonviolent Surak founded the logical Vulcan culture to save their planet, but he is far from the lead character of the series.

Please tell me if you know other science fiction stories where the protagonists are nonviolent.
My goal is to launch book 3 three early in 2019. I will ship out free an eBook of 30th Century: Contact to any interested beta reader over age 18. In exchange for reading, I expect readers to send me comments by email. To those who do send comments about how I can improve the book, I will ship a free signed paperback. I will need these beta readers to sign up for my newsletter and email list so I can keep everyone informed about my writing.

2018 accomplishments: I launched book 2, 30th Century: Revived, which is two books in one because Marty learns about his wife’s life from childhood to Australian hero in her late teenage years, to her rise as a scientist with three PhDs (archeology, physics and marine sciences) at the University of Hawaii, and her years teaching archeology. Jennifer’s boyfriend Zexton Ho is a professor, Nobel Prize winner, and the Secret Society of Scientists’ (SS) leader. After he is killed, Jennifer heads the Secret Society of Scientists. She completes Zexton Ho’s one-way time machine and uses it to travel to our century.

Let me ask you: How do we stop violence in the schools? In this world? In the home? Change the next generation. One step at a time.
Change the violence in the culture. Start with books for children. And make the heroes less violent, like The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf about the bull who preferred smelling flowers to fighting in the bull rings, and the mouse named Chrysanthemum who examined the topics of bullying, nonviolence, and friendship in the book of the same name by Kevin Henkes. Teach children nonviolence in preschool.

I am planning to adapt all my books to be more teen-friendly by toning down the sex in each book. I want young adults to be able to read 30th Century: Escape and 30th Century: Revived. Book 3 is 30th Century: Contact, and it will out early 2019. I have the 2nd Edition of 30th Century: Escape out now and am working on the others; please see below. Books 1 and 2 are available on Amazon.

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