Blog 30 Missing Physics – where is the missing mass of the Higgs particle? by Mark Kingston Levin PhD

Wins the Nobel Prize in 2013 in Stockholm
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The Quasi-particle— mMany believe it an elusive quasi-particle has been found by a major international team of over 100 scientists from all over the globe. For a more detail, read their results published on the arXiv and CERN. CERN celebrated 25 years of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC)LHC in 2017.

What is the LHC Large Hadron Collider (LHC)? It is an underground facility in the form of a hollow ring 27 kilometers (17 miles) beneath the Alps, stretching from France to Switzerland. It is the biggest and most power accelerator ever built. These machines are sometime referred to as an atom smashers.

1. How did it the LHC find the Higgs boson particle leading to the Noble Prize for those who predicted it? Simply by smashing protons together at nearly the speed of light, forcing the parts out of the protons and sensing them, weighingt them, and measuring things like lifetime in microseconds and more. But upon weighing the particles, they found mass had been reduced. Where is was the missing mass?

2. Can it be that the missing mass isn given off ast Dark Matter and/or Space?

3. Maybe we just cannot detect the additional particles yet. It is exciting because science is looking for the answer.


Figure 2 A major detector room in the LHC trying to locate the first Quasiparticlesquasiparticles.


Figure 3. Inside the LHC ring, protons travel inside this tube guided by large superconducting magnets.


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