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30th Century: Escape (Book 1)

Captain Jennifer Hero is burned out from leading the nonviolent resistance against the Syndos, genetically altered humans determined to exterminate all Naturals. Her small task force from the thirtieth century is on a one-way mission through time. Their goal? To plant a virus that will gently disrupt the Syndos’ genetic tendency toward sociopathy. Amid intense bombing of their remote island base, Jennifer sends her team back 300 years. She travels alone to 2015 to grieve the loss of the love of her life and to find herself.

After months alone on the radioactive atoll of Moruroa, Jennifer is rescued. Hiding her superior intellect and nanotech-enhanced abilities, she soon discovers that the history she studied did not prepare her for twenty-first century culture shock. Can she find a way to fit in? Can she uphold her nonviolence principles? Can she forgive herself for abandoning her team when they needed her most?

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