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30th Century: Revived (Book 2)

Now settled in the twenty-first century, Jennifer gives her husband Marty the novel she wrote to help him understand her dedication to nonviolence.It loosely disguises her early life as an operative for the Secret Society of Scientists, her love affair with the inventor of time travel, and her subsequent arrival in the twenty-first century.

Then she and her twin Jenny travel to the twenty-seventh century to rescue stranded operatives trying to forestall genetic wars. When Jennifer returns to Marty for a normal life, she soon discovers motherhood may compromise her dreams.

Desperate to revive the daring hero she once was, Jennifer takes action when terrorists kidnap her friend. Nonviolent thirtieth-century technology gives her an edge, but none of her training prepares her for the trauma the terrorists leave in their wake. How will Jennifer to muster all her strength to face truths deep within her psyche about love for man, woman, and self?

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