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Chapter 2


Deep in Jennifer’s subconscious mind lay a wanton desire for a logical world without violence, without the blatant extermination of races, species, or humanity; however, in her study of history, the predominance of applied violent force to solve disputes was the norm.
Jennifer wanted to change basic human behavior. Could this be the next great leap forward? For now, though, she could only watch history unfold in this century.
Through her Polynesian Foundation, Jennifer granted the new University of Hawaii Tahiti Marine Lab the use of the Blue Hole sport fisherman yacht. She had bought the boat from her friend Captain Martin Bligh through a purchase trade deal for tax purposes. The marine lab welcomes the use of the yacht for research support and recreational purposes for forty-six weeks annually, and for the remaining six weeks she could use the Blue Hole for her own purposes, including training of Polynesians to operate this vessel, to obtain small-craft seamanship licenses, and to learn commercial and sport fishing methods. Jennifer wanted to carry on her biological mother and father’s goal to help the Polynesians recover their identity.
Jennifer planned to meet her sister on April 13, 2018 about one hundred miles south of Papeete. She longed to tell Marty her secret, as the secret was weighing on her mind, caging her spirit like a falcon on a tether.
She asked him to spend one week in April with her on the Blue Hole, telling him that she would explain all her secrets during that time. On the way to the location where Jenny would arrive, Jennifer and Marty caught six fish and released two small-bill fish. Four of the catch were large yellow fin tuna, which they cleaned and stored in the freezer for sashimi later.
Suddenly Jennifer announced, “Marty, we must rendezvous with my twin sister in a short time, so hang on. After we meet her, I will tell you everything I can.”
“Is this the sister Jacque told you about?” Marty asked.
“Yes, she is my twin.”
Jennifer headed south at near full power, about thirty-four knots, as the ocean was smooth as glass with light and variable winds of three to five knots.
Marty looked at her as if she were making this up, as it surely would be unbelievable to him. But he only asked, “What time, my love?”
“High noon is the meeting time!” She drummed her fingers on the throttle. “It is 09:01 and we must travel about seventy miles due south.”
“It should take us about two hours and ten minutes max to get there, my love, at this speed,” Marty told her as he glanced at his watch.
“I would rather be early than late for my sister, as she is coming from a distance that is hard to measure or explain.”
“What do you mean?” Marty glared at her feeling frustrated by all the mystery.
She shook her head. “I will show you, as it is too unbelievable for me to explain.”
“Jennifer, my love, you’ll have an hour to spare. Can you please start explaining when we arrive?”
“I will explain in detail as soon as we reach the rendezvous site. I have been waiting years to share this secret with you, so I commit to revealing all the details I know.”
“Do you trust me?” Marty asked as he put his right hand to the back of his head and gave it a scratch
She looked him in the eyes, and in that moment, saw there the patience he had always shown her—though it had been wavering during this boat ride. She sighed. “Yes, Marty, I trust you. Let me tell you that she is coming from the future and she will travel by means of a trans-time device that should bring her to these coordinates at the designated time today if all goes as planned.”
Marty’s nostrils flared with disbelief.
She pointed to her chart that had a clear plastic hard cover with coordinates written down in black Sharpie pen.
Marty raised his eyebrows. “Are you serious?”
“Roger that, Marty, I am very serious!”
He tilted his head as though to argue. His expression reminded her of the one he wore for months during her depression, as though he had been afraid to tip her over some precipice of insanity.
Tears filled her eyes. “I am from the future. Our parents built this time travel device that can travel two ways through time and we have only recently met. I’ve been wanting to tell you this for over two years but couldn’t. Can you trust me for a few hours while I show you the most exciting technology of all time?”
“I will try, but it’s very difficult for me to believe in time travel.”
“I know, my love—that is why I must show you!”
He crossed his arms. “You’re pushing my trust button, Jennifer. Why?”
“First, I have carried this secret for too long and I need to share who I truly am with you. However, I must also ask you to promise on all you hold sacred to keep this secret!”
“Why is this trans-time device such a big secret?”
Jennifer spent the next hour telling him about the apocalyptic threat of sterility to all Naturals from the Syndos and how she and her team had used the one-way Trans-Time One machine to alter their own history.
“The Syndos mustn’t learn we have this technology before it is used in the twenty-seventh century. If they know about it, they will counter it. All humanity will be wiped out! Please, Marty, please believe me. This is top secret.”
“Yes, I will promise to keep it a secret. If I told anyone that story, they would put me in the mental hospital!”
“Yes, my love, that is precisely why I have not told anyone before.” Jennifer gripped his hand.
“Am I going nuts?” Marty asked.
“No, you are not. You need to trust me for at least another hour.”
Jennifer slowed the Blue Hole to fifteen miles per hour.
“We’re within about three hundred meters of the coordinates.”
Marty pointed to the global position satellite instrument.
Jennifer put the engines to five knots and set the vessel on autopilot to head slowly toward the south. As anticipated, there was about an hour left before Jenny would arrive in their century.
Smiling at Marty with a look asking for patience, Jennifer asked, “While we wait, would you like some fresh strawberries with whipped cream or a cappuccino?”
She stretched and went to the refrigerator, pulling out fresh berries and whipped cream. She put the bowl on the galley table.
He joined her, helping by preparing the coffee while she stared out at the sea in all directions. The hour ticked by, thick with Jennifer’s anticipation.
Eventually, a large submersible rose from the deep, breaking the surface not unlike a contemporary nuclear submarine. However, its waterline was very high compared to submarines of the current era.
Jennifer pointed and yelled, “Marty, look and see! Three o’clock!”
Marty shook his head, surveying the large craft. “That’s not a U.S. or Russian submarine—after ten years in the U.S. Coast Guard, I’ve seen every submarine built and they’re much slimmer.”
“What do you think it is?” Jennifer challenged.
“This one has no markings. It has a much wider beam than any sub I’m familiar with, but it could be new stealth technology. I don’t know.”
Jennifer turned the Blue Hole slowly to starboard and approached the submersible. Jenny was on the deck with a small inflatable boat. She launched the inflatable boat and approached the Blue Hole’s stern.
As her sister reached the boat, Jennifer cracked a wide smile at her twin and could not stop from boasting from the deck, “Jenny, my twin, this handsome man is my husband, Marty Zitonick.”
Jenny asked, “May I have permission to come aboard?”
“Roger that, please come aboard.”
Jennifer and Jenny embraced in a hug that lasted for several moments. The ocean was till calm with slow rolling swells from the southwest.
Jenny then said, “Marty, excuse me for ignoring you so long. I am Jennifer’s younger twin.”
Marty’s eyes were wide, his gaze flitting between the two identical women.
“You’re excused if I can get a big hug,” he said after a pause caused by amazement.
Jenny gave Marty a big hug and spoke to him in French. Marty looked puzzled.
“Hello, my sister! Does Marty speak French?” Jenny asked in French.
“His French is much worse than my English, so please speak to him in English,” Jennifer recommended.
Jenny turned to Marty and smiled. In English, she told him, “I need to go over a few things with my sister. Please excuse our French for a little while.”
“Of course,” Marty said, then he went to check the weather updates on the yacht’s computer.
Jenny looked back to Jennifer, who took the clue and said in French, “First, I want to ask you a big favor, Jenny. Marty doesn’t believe in time travel and I want to spend time with you. Can we show him the time machine together?”
“I can do one better.” Jenny smiled, snapping her fingers. “I’ll take you both to the thirtieth century. When do you want to leave?”
Jennifer smiled and nodded. “Let’s plan a trip soon. Now, do you have a report for me?”
Jenny stood tall and gave her sister a salute. Then she told her, “The story of our first meeting and how we rescued forty-seven of the scientists and operatives you sent earlier to the twenty-seventh century and their return to the thirtieth century have been written up as you ordered, Captain. Also recorded was the fact that two personnel on the mission died in the twenty-seventh century. My mission has been accomplished, Captain!”
“I want to thank you, my sister, for giving me your report. At ease!”
“Here is your flash drive back,” Jenny said, handing it to Jennifer. “The full report is on it. By the way, I enjoyed reading your novel.”
“Thank you for the compliment on my book and for completing my mission for me while I took care of your friends in the twenty-first century.”
Jenny pivoted to Marty and switching to English, she explained, “Marty, know that even in the thirtieth century where Jennifer is from, time travel is a well-guarded secret.”
“I’m committed to keeping your secret, as Jennifer told me it saves humanity from extinction.” Marty shook his head. “Looking at the two of you together, how could I doubt the rest of your story?”
The two women told Marty about their plan for the three of them to time travel together to the thirtieth century. Marty grew quiet and his forehead wrinkled.
“Jenny, let us plan the trip to the thirtieth century carefully,” Jennifer advised. “There will be a need for a cover story here and there. Can you clear our trip with the SS?”
“The SS?” Marty asked in horror, his voice cracking.
Jennifer snickered. “Not the one from World War II.”
“The SS is a secret society of scientists, many of whom are direct descendants of those who created the Syndos for interstellar travel,” Jenny explained. “Did you not read Jennifer’s book?”
“Just parts, but Lacy gave me a summary,” Marty told her. “I assumed it was fiction, so I didn’t pay that much attention.”
“In the Prologue, Jennifer’s book tells about the Syndos and why they were created,” Jenny said.
Marty’s face turned a very deep red. His skin had remained fair and was not tan, as he always wore plenty of sunscreen nand a large brim hat because he burned easily.
“I’m sorry, my love. I’ll read your book cover to cover, I promise!”
Jenny continued, “The current in the thirtieth century is very much improved for humans, as the mission objective to correct the Syndos ethnics fault worked better than we thought.”