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Intro for book 2 back cover

The second book in the 30th Century Trilogy

30th Century: Revived


Dr. Jennifer Zitonick’s science fiction novel loosely disguises her early life as a clandestine operative for the Secret Society of scientists and details her love affair with the inventor of time travel and subsequent arrival in the twenty-first century.


After she and her twin rescue the stranded SS operatives from the twenty-seventh century mission, Jennifer returns to the twenty-first century for a normal, quiet life. She soon discovers motherhood means compromising her dreams.


Desperate to revive the daring hero she used to be, Jennifer gets involved when her Japanese friend is kidnapped by terrorists. Using thirtieth-century tech gives her an advantage, but no training she has had prepares her for the intimate, personal trauma the terrorists leave in their wake. It is time for Jennifer to muster all her strength of will to face truths deep within her psyche about love for man, woman, and self.